Trump NFTs Soar After Super Bowl Clash with Rihanna

• Donald Trump Cards (TRUMP) NFT hit an all-time high of 0.676 Ethereum (ETH) after a clash with Rihanna at the NFL Super Bowl.
• A grand jury is probing the 45th president of the United States over Mar-A-Lago.
• The floor price of Trump’s Digital Trading Cards NFT Collection has reached an all-time high, coinciding with more controversy in the infamous Mar-A-Lago probe.

Donald Trump and Rihanna Clash at Super Bowl

Donald Trump lashed out at Rihanna after her performance during the NFL Super Bowl, sparking a grand jury to investigate Mar-A-Lago.

Trump Cards NFT All Time High

The Donald Trump Cards (TRUMP) Non Fungible Token (NFT) hit an all time high of 0.676 Ethereum (ETH). The initial sale of 45,000 NFTs consisting of stolen photos from Shutterstock mashed with Donald Trump’s proud figure grossed $6.5 million in the first weekend but later plummeted. Shortly after, he began selling Zoom calls for as little as $25 amidst Twitter comeback rumors before hitting its current peak on Polygon (MATIC).

Mar-A-Lago Scandal Raising Floor Price

The scandal surrounding Mar-A-Lago further spiked demand for Donald Trump NFTs, raising their floor price to an all time high – currently $1,020 for #29522 which features him standing proudly at his national historic landmark in Palm Beach Florida. In total 272 Ethereum was traded in 410 sales that day alone.

Trump Can’t Stop Rihanna’s Reign

The pugnacious billionaire’s shot at Rihanna didn’t stop her reign over digital collectibles as she went on to release a line of ‚RihannaX‘ Non Fungible tokens inspired by her music video ‚Diamonds.‘ Each token included five different pieces from her wardrobe and could be used to unlock additional content through fans‘ phones or computers. The collection was sold out within minutes upon launch and boasted a combined volume of 860 ETH (~$1,296,000).


Donald Trump’s Digital Trading Cards are making waves in the Non Fungible Token world after his clash with Rihanna during the NFL Super Bowl while his own investigation into Mar-a-Lago continues to drive up prices – setting a new all time high floor price for this collection despite not winning any sweepstakes prizes such as dinner with him like other collections have done since then! Meanwhile Rihanna’s ‘RihannaX’ collection broke records again showing just how powerful celebrity influence can be when it comes to digital collectibles marketplaces.